This is Now

This weekend we had our first team here. They were a group of 4 individuals that bring a whole new meaning to prayer and the power of prayer. These 4 prayer warriors, Krista, Kathryn, Millie and David came from Compassion Community Church in Savannah Georgia, the home church of Jason, our brother on mission here in Travesia.

They came at our request to cleanse the academy of all darkness that lived here. They came to praise and welcome Christ in as our true Leader of this academy; to fill the well of the Spirit here at our academy. To allow all who come here and all who live here to feel and draw from the Holy Spirit. They also came to set our minds and hearts on the Lord. They personally blessed each of us. The prayed and spoke words of encouragement to Maria and I as a couple. This blessing meant so much for us.

It was a great 4 days with them and our BVSA Guatemala team joined us here too!!! Brock, Mynor and Jeff came in just for this amazing weekend. It was great to join with them in this moment. They also had their hearts touched during our time together. We all took something away from this weekend both as missionaries and as followers of Christ.

Overall I can not express how much this weekend meant for Maria and I and to this mission. I experienced so much this weekend. I saw this mission be set anew. I saw darkness leave and light breakthrough and become a beacon of hope and love. Personally I think this changed the game of what we can do here. It definitely made our connection to Jesus and the Holy Spirit stronger.

We even had a baptism……

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