Opening Week


Anticipation. There are only a few true events in life that live up to the expectation that our minds create for certain moments. The birth of our children is one of the only true examples I can think of the lives up to the hype. Yeah some people say their wedding, well I have heard enough stories to know that weddings don’t turn out as expected. Expectations are a slippery slope. Filled with potential pitfalls and disappointments. I even had a saying once, “If you set your expectations low, you will never be disappointed.” A truly safe approach. Over the last couple years I have realized that those expectations were based on what we can do. What men and women are or are not capable of. The limits of our own personality, physical strength or commitment was  and is limited by our own human nature. My expectations have been refocused over the last few years and I realized that if you want to limit your expectations, then lean on others and yourself for results. If you want to see wonder, amazement and results that blow away expectations, put your faith in God. Give it all to him. Not just the hope of a career or a new home or the health of a family member or even happiness. All of it. Your whole life

This thought has been in my heart for a few weeks as we have prepared to open La Acadamia Deportiva de Buena Vista, Travesia Honduras (Its our official name). BVSA Travesia opened this week. We had tryouts, picked out two teams, 36 boys in total and got started last Monday with the parent meeting (another blog later about this) and continued on with basic orientation. We covered the areas of the academy from class room rules, to the meals, to practice, to devotionals and even to our locker rooms and hygiene program. On Friday we had our first normal day of the academy. What I experienced that day was awesome.

For the next 2-3 weeks the focus here is conditioning. Running, running and running. These boys have talent but they can’t maintain that talent long due to poor physical training. Well we are going to fix that. The younger boys, ages 10-14 did a great job with running and drills. They get distracted pretty easy and are quick to slack off but they do give a great effort. The did the same drills the older boys did. They proved themselves.

The highlight of the day, and one of the top two for the week, came at the end of the day. The varsity team really got put through the ringer. We pushed them to go harder and faster.  (You can check out the video on my Facebook page.) They didn’t stop. They also kept up with Brock’s son Jake who is a current Rino in Guatemala and is in soccer shape. They sprinted to water breaks and they sprinted back. Here is a little back story. Earlier that week, we had a pick up game (referred from here on out as a Chamusca). A group of the older boys played against the men, (referred from here on out as Potros), its the old folks. Me Brock Mynor Axel, Maria and a couple others. Well that night the boys were mean to each other when one made a mistake, they whined, they complained, they used foul language, almost all of it towards their team. Well at the end of that game, Mynor had a few choice words for them. Ok back to Fridays workout. Before they got started I had a few words for them. I asked them to start building a team. Start growing into what they hoped this team would become. To start supporting each other when one of them struggled. And they did…I will try and put the video up on our Pictures Page site or you can check it out on my or Maria’s Facebook page. But these boys started chanting “Rino’s, Rino’s Rino’s” They showed such pride and teamsmanship. I knew that these boys have the potential to be great. Not just great players but great men.

Expectations for this week we big. Big because our God is big and we know he has a hand in this ministry and has so many great things prepared for these boys. I had no expectations on me or the team here or on the boys. I did have hope. I did have joy. I did know that Jason, Axel and Maria were going to do great because I knew that they too had put this opening week in God’s hands.

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