The word mission is defined as, “an important assignment given to a person or group of people, typically involving travel abroad; or a the vocation or calling of a religious organization, especially a Christian one, to go out into the world and spread its faith.” It includes the military, organizations, and people. The same word describes our calling as followers of Christ and the processes of the military. Missions. What if we as followers of Christ put the effort, resources and fortitude into our missions as the US government puts into theirs? What if our perspective about keeping someones eternity safe was the same as the military’s perspective about someones physical safety? Here, in Travesia, at BVSA, we work hard and try to make our perspective and our mission just that. Our purpose here is this: We believe that God wants to raise up boys to be loving husbands and fathers, respected leaders, and godly men. Men who can break cycles of sin and lostness related to poverty, geography, and empty religion.  Men who can realize their value and strength through the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is our perspective.

For example, when you see a ship far off in the distance on the horizon, it looks small. You see it and you think, “wow, I wonder how big that ship is?” or “How far away from me is that ship? I wonder if I could swim to it?” The ship looks like a regular ship. The true size, shape and complexities are nearly impossible to see from a distance. The intricacies, capacity, movement and speed are skewed by your perspective. What changes our perspective? Well in this case its distance. I say this with all respect and humility, If you are distant from anything, especially from Christ, you will never have the right perspective and everything you see or do will look, feel and be impossible to truly perceive.

Missions is the same. If you look at it from a distance, you will miss the beauty. The joy. The struggles and the power of God, through the faith of its missionaries. If you stay far away and not be involved, you will think those same thoughts about the mission and you did about the ship? “How big is the mission?” You will miss the details. The impact that it has on the lives of our boys here. You will miss the details like a boy opening up about his mom who abandoned him as a baby or a boy who admits he can’t read. Or to watch a child who is afraid to be loved for fear of being hurt again, finally give you a hung and say thank you for being here for me. The perspective of distance is the same too. If you look at it from a distance you think, “How far away am I truly?” But if you run up to it and get face to face, you will see how big it is. How much details it has. The capacity to create a difference in the lives of these boys, for this community and for generations to come.

Well here is your chance to get up close and see how you can be a part of God’s mission.


In order to run the academy and provide all these things we need your help!  To sponsor a Rhino, all you have to do is support the academy with a suggested donation of $40.00 a month.  This amount will cover the costs (described below) for each boy.  We want you to be a part of their lives through your sponsorship and also support them with by consistently praying for them.

So, below are bios of some of our boys. Please read their bios and contact me if you are interested in sponsoring a boy!  Once we’ve confirmed that your particular boy still needs a sponsor, you can click this link  to be directed to our paypal page to set up donations.  Please be sure to include a note that it’s for the “Honduras Academy” and which boy it is for.  Also, if you would to support them with more than $40 monthly, the extra donations will go towards extra activities for the boys and extra costs that periodically arise.

Thanks for partnering with us and praying for these village in this little corner of the world!


  1. Healthy meal five days a week:
    1. Clean water with each meal
    2. Meat and vegetableswith each meal
  2. Clean drinking wateralways available at the academy (most boys don’t have clean drinking water in their homes).
  3. Classroom and tutoring supplies.
  4. Proper hygiene care:
    1. A hot shower 3-4 times a week
    2. Washing hands
    3. Brushing teeth
    4. Skin Care

2018 Rinos



Nickname: Dari  10 yrs old

Favorite food-Macaroni

Favorite movie-Power rangers

Favorite color- Red

Pizza or ice cream- pizza

If you had L 2000 ($80) what would you buy?- a toy car

What makes you laugh or happy- jokes

Brother and Sisters-5

Superpower: superfast and to change shape



Nickname: Tachi  12 yrs old

Favorite food- chicken

Favorite movie- Karate Kid

Favorite color- red

Pizza or ice cream- Pizza

If you had L 2000 ($80) what would you buy?-  new things for my Grandma

What makes you laugh or happy- friends

Brother and Sisters-4

Superpower- valor superman


Jose Christoval

Nickname: Pastor  12 yrs old

Favorite food-seafood

Favorite movie Dragon BallZ

Favorite color-white

Pizza or ice cream- ice cream

If you had L 2000 ($80) what would you buy?- A radio

What makes you laugh or happy- Jokes

Brother and Sisters-1

Superpower- super



Nickname: Mexicano  12 yrs old

Favorite food- Machuca Garifuna Food (seafood food)

Favorite color- blue

Pizza or ice cream- pizza

If you had L 2000 ($80) what would you buy?- clean my house

What makes you laugh or happy- tickling

Brother and Sisters-5

Superpower- to be safe

victor ponce


Nickname:  Mi Gallo 12 yrs old

Favorite food-Chicken and rice

Favorite movie Marvel

Favorite color-Blue

Pizza or ice cream- pizza

If you had L 2000 ($80) what would you buy?- Help my family and buy a phone

What makes you laugh or happy- My family

Brother and Sisters-7

Super power- Black Panther with a lot of force and very fast



Nickname: 12 yrs old

Favorite food-fish

Favorite movie- cartoons

Favorite color- blue

Pizza or ice cream-  pizza

If you had L 2000 ($80) what would you buy?-  Food

What makes you laugh or happy- Jokes

Brother and Sisters- 10

Superpower- spider man



Nickname: Nato  11 yrs old

Favorite food- Baleadas

Favorite movie- WWE

Favorite color- All

Pizza or ice cream- pizza

If you had L 2000 ($80) what would you buy?- A bike

What makes you laugh or happy-  jokes

Brother and Sisters- 3

Super power: Fast Speed

victor manuel


Nickname: chulo pacho  11yrs old

Favorite food- rice and tortilla

Favorite color- brown

Pizza or ice cream- pizza

If you had L 2000 ($80) what would you buy?- a house

What makes you laugh or happy-  my sister

Brother and Sisters- 5

Superpower- El Tranto

Please feel free to comment on this blog if you are interested or you can email me directly with any questions. This is an opportunity to get up close and personal with a child who is currently in our mission. We would love to cultivate this relationship with a Rino and someone who can help them grow into amazing men. Who knows, one day you could even be on a mission trip here and meet with your Rino.

Thank you!


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