Dont Stop!

img_3989.jpgThere have been so many things in our lives here in Honduras that have made us think, “wow, is this really happening?” A lot of these have been blessings from God. There are times when God has shown us His glory and we have given Him all the praise for it. But then there are times when its not a blessing, its a trail. It is a test of our commitment, our obedience.

We have been talking a lot about obedience here in the academy and in our family. I love the word obedience. For me it is a word that reflects action, activity, the doing of something. In life we talk a lot about things. We talk, discuss, debate, dialogue, conference and my favorite parley about things in our lives. Especially our faith in God. There are books to read, church sermons to listen to either in person, or on Podcast or on  the internet or on a ton of apps for our phones. There are seminars about how to host a better seminar. There are groups of groups for groups about groups having groups. And then those groups meet to talk…and the cycle continues. I am not saying that any of those things I have mentioned are bad. Just the opposite, they are great. They are sources that we all use to keep us accountable to focusing on what is really important and that is the word of God. They increase our knowledge and help grow our faith. They are the iron that sharpens iron. Being a part of the body of Christ is more important now that it may have ever been. When a person’s values and faith is being put to the test against what man calls political correctness or just blindly accepting all ideas as fact, this is the time that the body is most needed. We strengthen each other. We love as Christ loved. Through all this love, support, knowledge and strengthening we are also called to action. That is where obedience begins.

I finished reading “The Last Arrow” by Erwin Mcmanus. It urged me to think about the obedience in me. I am a missionary. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. My work is focused inside our academy here but it continues outside these walls into our community and our lives as we interact with others. But this book made me think, “Am I giving it my all?” We know the Bible tells us to work to honor God. But my concern for myself and others is our measure of our work. Just how hard is hard? For our effort to be seen as though we put our heart and soul in it; that we gave it our all; that we left it all on the field (and so on). What is my all? My full effort. In this book, McManus is citing 2 Kings 13:14-20 and the story of Jehoash and Elisha. I will let you open the Bible and read it for yourself.

What is our everything for Christ? What is true obedience? With all the soccer practices, work functions, groups, meetings, appointments, and activities in our lives can we even truly give any one thing our all. What does it look like to leave it all on the field for our jobs, for our kids, for our friends…for Christ?

I don’t have the answer for sure. I am just a man, in Honduras who gave it all up and put my life in God’s hands and said use my life here on Earth to grow your Kingdom and glorify our Holy Name. There are days that I feel I gave it my all. There are days when I don’t. More of the don’t days than the do days. As I said, I dont have the answers. But what I do know about obedience is this.

Ask God to work in you. Everyday, all day. Then listen, look take time to stop and say is this opportunity from God. Then no matter how nervous, awkward or weird you feel about whatever is next do it. Then keep doing it. Dont stop till it is done. Don’t lose focus. Do the one thing the best you can. Dont check your phone or email during this time. And above all else, soften your heart and as Colossians 3:12 says, Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience



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