Lost but not the Forgotten

It can take days, months, years, decades or it can never happen at all. The struggles, fights, losses, wins, and the unending feeling, “Is it working?” makes being a missionary in a foreign country the hardest thing I have ever done. The reason we do missions is because we love Christ. We want so many people in heaven with us honoring and worshipping God. We want to fill the house that God has built for us after this life is done. But it can take days, months, years, decades or it can never happen. What is it? Salvation of the unreached people of the world! This is our second year in Central America. With the support of God’s love for us and His purpose for our lives, we hope to be here for many many more years to come.

We have come to realize that in order to do this, living here, separated by miles from friends and family we had to accept that we would be lost to the world we knew before. That the lives of friends and family would of-course continue. That the plan God has for all of us would continue no matter where we were. But a great sense of Loss has came into our hearts. Each day is different. But loss is a major sensation on mission. Loss of self, what we used to be. A loss of direction, where will the future lead us. The loss of fear, this comes from realizing you don’t have any real sense of control. The loss of friends, connections, support, and having that human shoulder to lean on when things are going bad. Loss can be crushing! And with loss, we try and look back and say, “where did it all go?” Loss is slow, quiet, slips through our fingers like water and before you know it you are empty and without the things you had before. On mission, loss is a constant. It’s not to say that all we see, feel, or experience is loss, but the wins are not as frequent.

But the wins, are way more powerful when all you want to win is the glory of God!!! The loss of the things in your life that your prioritized over all else is painful, you hurt, you doubt, you wonder if those things were even real. Then it clicks. It was only part of the plan. It wasn’t the purpose. God has given us so many opportunities to hurt, feel pain, loss, and I thank Him for that. Without the pain, the loss we couldn’t have truly focused on the Forgotten. To have to opportunity to feel a sample, a small part of the pain that Jesus Christ felt on the road to Calvary and on that Cross is such a blessing. To feel pain, suffering loss to accomplish the Great Commission, to bring the Lost but not Forgotten to the Grace and Love of God is so worth it all. To pick up your Cross daily and Follow Him is hard, painful and it should be. He gave it all up for us to be able to come to the Father and we wait, measure the cost, see if its the right “time” What are we waiting for. It’s time to hurt, lose, face our sins, and give all of it up for hime.

The lost here in Travesia are not forgotten. Not by God and not by us. We got a win. Two of our Rinos, Arnold and Jefferson accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Also so did our cook Yaina. It was a glorious opportunity to watch The 3 of them meet Jesus when they opened the door of their hearts that He had been knocking on. Yaina and Jefferson were baptized a few days later. The size of the party in Heaven must have been huge. To bring in these 3 people that God had been waiting for, to the family of Christ. Man what a party. Now the lost are found and the forgotten are now known in the book of life forever.

God thank your for love and mercy. Thank you that our pain and loss, that brings are relationship closer and to a greater understanding. We love you and all you do for the us

Yaina, with Maria and Jeremy
Jefferson (far right) with his Mom (middle) brother, and sister

One thought on “Lost but not the Forgotten

  1. Yo sabia que era un paso al no saver donde ir. Pero con el corazon lleno de enerjia y sabiendo que solo el Sr.tiene la respuesta a tu mision que el te a mandadi a ser. Fue muy fuerte saber que mi fam.se separaria de nosotros, pero dejandolo al Sr. Todo estaria en buenas manos y con el tiempo nosotros nos adantamos a la que el destino nos manda.Con todo esa nueva vuda de prograso que tienen ustedes solo le pido al Sr. Que los proteja y cuide del mal al redendor de ustedes. Ciempre en Mis pensamientos..
    Los queremos mucho.

    Tus Papas Que ciempre los quieren. Jesus y Karyn.


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