God’s loving hand

We wonder. We sometimes doubt. We definitely question. Is it possible that what I think God is saying to me isn’t God, its me or my mind. How do we know? One answer is faith. And faith is the true test of our commitment to God, but Gods word is the way to truly know […]


Opening Week

Anticipation. There are only a few true events in life that live up to the expectation that our minds create for certain moments. The birth of our children is one of the only true examples I can think of the lives up to the hype. Yeah some people say their wedding, well I have heard […]

This is Now

This weekend we had our first team here. They were a group of 4 individuals that bring a whole new meaning to prayer and the power of prayer. These 4 prayer warriors, Krista, Kathryn, Millie and David came from Compassion Community Church in Savannah Georgia, the home church of Jason, our brother on mission here […]