What’s been happening

It has been a while since we have added to our blog and for that I apologize. We are like a lot of you, we get busy and things get pushed to the back burner. Some good things and some bad. But we wanted to sent out an update on what has been going on.

We started a new year January 12th. We brought in 18 new boys to fill in the openings we had from boys that didn’t make it through last year due to many different reasons. But we were all very excited to get back to work and continue the mission that God had set before you. Well first off we went from 20 boys here in December to 39 in January. Talk about needing an adjustment period. Teaching rules, processes, getting uniforms and all kinds of other things in place took its toll on us. Thats why the first 30 days flew by. Since opening we have already lost a few of the boys. One went to the States, one moved to San Pedro Sula and a few boys couldn’t commit to the rules and schedule of the academy. The pull of the street and the comfort of what they already knew was too strong for them. The new boys this year are full of spirit and energy. We have hope that a few leaders will emerge, a few already have.

We have had a team of supporters come and visit. A group of men from the States who have been a part of BVSA came to visit the new Hondo site. It was a great time. Lots of work for us here, but for sure worth every bit of energy. It was great to share with others our mission, the village of Travesia and see them spend time with the Rinos to understand exactly what we are doing here and how bad these boys need Jesus.

The Rinos have been practicing hard to get ready for our league that starts in a few weeks. We will have two teams, 14 and under and 18 and under. They will compete this season in Puerto Cortes on the weekends. This is another new thing that we will be doing. We didn’t have the opportunity to do this last year. I am looking forward to it, but again, the work of missions is always constant and demanding.

There has been such great growth, especially in the Varsity team, our Grandes. The leaders are challenging the others to grow and to be a part of something that God has given them. The Varsity really is becoming a team and to be honest this is a very new thing. Like this week. But it has been brewing for a few weeks now. The JV, our pequenos, aren’t quit there yet. They are young and trying to not only figure out the dynamic of the academy, but also who they are. Pre teen boys are quit something else. We have decided that this has been God’s trail for us. He’s given us the opportunity to grow more patient and devoted in the face of difficulties. For that we give glory to Him.

This is where the academy is today. The normal schedule of Class, Practice, Dinner, Devotional, Showers and Chores has settled in. The emotions, attitudes, and behaviors of our boys is the X factor. We know when and where to be each day, but how we get there is up in the air.

This is how God is teaching us. We love it. We struggle. God continues to pour into us so that from the overflow of our cup, missions is thriving, growing and changing the hearts of our boys, for the Glory of Christ.

2019 RINOS

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